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Mechanical alarm clocks
There are models in white, nickel or/and brass color. There is posibility for different performances and design theme of the counter on the alarm clocks(a name of the firm, a logo etc.). more
Public clocks
There are public clocks which are decoration in the squares, parks, stations today. They provide weather information. more
Chess - clocks
The clock mechanizm is located inside a wooden or plastic casing. Like angol clock it works very quietly. Simbols are highlighted so flow of the gameplay is easier. The buttons on top are easy available and very quiet. more
Wall clocks with pendulum
This clock has wooden casing and quartz mechanizm which is connected with a pendulum. more
Labaratory - TC (Euro time center)
Euro Time Center [ETC] governs traditional clock systems in which there is an impulse control on secondary clocks also a modern settings on "MOBALine" instalations. Absolute precision of ETC clocks can achieve with synchronization of external time reference like DFC 77 or GPS.