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Smart system for water control and remote reading AMR, AMI Spik Insa


We can offer a great value Smart Meter System, which is equivalently priced compared to other competitive systems with inferior, manual read RF technology. We can offer scalability for bigger projects, software and hardware flexibility and can reduce running costs to minimum

Our system extremely simplifies network and node installations and greatly reduces its maintenance costs by using the most advanced RF technology in the industry combined with our innovative hardware and software, which requires only single GPRS device/per 1000 Smart Meters, and few extra Transponders in between, depending on the terrain. We have super low network cost per 1000 Smart Meters. They are also solar powered, waterproof, self sustained and can be attached on poles, little or no extra electricity will be needed to power them

We can offer full maintenance of the Smart Meters, new battery, mechanisms and housings maintenance after the initial 10-15 years of operation. You can protect your investment in long run

We can offer option for open/close valve (including many stages in between) , to control the valve when needed for each consumer independently. On demand, we can also configure card-less prepaid/postpaid operations, as well as we can change different working meter principles to meet all the specific and unique client needs

As base software, we use our super innovative, proprietary 100% configurable cloud system, which enables us to automate any data processing based on needs, automate data transfers to: MDM and CIS, your local billing system, offer multiple personalized e-mail or text messages directly to consumers about their leakages, their monthly consumptions, and also automate messages directly to your management for excessive watering, illegal attempts and other needs, it is 100% configurable to fit all of your working requirements, and it can do much more than what is explained above ...

Innovations of the system
Connecting directly with server system for automated daily reading and control with a range of 1 km in urban environment and 5 km trough exponders

Installation of special GPRS devices that can read and control more than 1000 watermeters each

Ability for reading trough mobile device, onsite controllers and car in motion with intervals of 4 seconds to 15 minutes with a range of 500 meters in urban environments

Special options for automated reading and control of watermeters that are located in deep pits or underground directly to central computer system or manually

Possibility of installing remote modules on watermeters from other manufacturers (ITRON, IKOM, INSA, EVT, ELSTER and others)
General benefits
System enables 85% of total savings of expenses, 50% savings of office expenses, 90% savings of travel expenses, 120% increased revenues

Simple and automated control of all devices trough a central computer system during operation time (reading, setting, control, opening/closing of remote modules, options for prepaid/postpaid control and other specific configurations based on client needs)

Remote module battery operation of 10-15 years, waterproof IP68 (can replace the old battery trough regular maintenance)

Automated connections and transfers of the remote data to a local billing system in current usage, connecting with other computer systems for modification of existing data and adding new meters, and full support for connecting to other computer systems for any current or future needs

Key Advantages
Other RF meter systems

Reading RF meters manually trough controllers only. Without the ability for direct meter control and settings of key meter parameters. GPRS readings are available only trough expensive upgrade of the system. Easiness of manipulation and untimely transfer of illegal attempts which results to slower response and loss of readings.

Without service and/or maintenance program for the remote devices. Without the possibility of battery replacement. Need for frequent visits and functionality checks because of isolated working principle. Without the ability of opening and closing valves

Customers and the water management do not have a way for automated reports of daily water consumption, monitoring monthly limits of water consumption, leakages or other functionalities

Without the ability of automated communications with other computer systems in current usage. Without the possibility of reading meters from other manufacturers or connections with SCADA systems

Generally without the capability to upgrade and without ability to conform to specific client needs
Spik Insa system (for equal price)

Reading, control and monitoring trough GPRS which is included in our standard offer. Central announcements of illegal attempts, alarm against removing the meter from the network, reverse flow, battery indicator, water leakage and other technical conditions of the meter. Does not exist a way of easy manipulation

Full technical support and service of the remote meters and battery replacement. Onsite visit not necessary because of constant module communication. Opening/closing of valve can be done trough computer, mobile device or internet

Ability to configure daily alerts for customers, as well as, full automation to water management for daily spending, monthly limits, illegal attempts, leakages, opening/closing valves, prepaid/postpaid control using e-mail, text, internet

Automated connections to billing centers, connections to systems for modification, addition and processing of data, or connections to other computer systems for diverse utility needs. Ability to read other manufacturers modules or SCADA

With unlimited upgrades and with complete configurations to meet specific client needs